Quality Care offers companionship care that is suitable if you are at risk of becoming lonely. These are non-medical services that allow you to have some company and be able to stay happy and mentally healthy. Our companionship services can be provided in or outside the house, be it assistance with shopping, attending social events, or attending doctor’s appointments.

You will be matched with a Companion with the same likes and preferences like you.  They will assist you with the following

Have someone to talk to about your past and memories. This can help you relieve stress and brings smiles.

Be it a social meeting or doctor's appointment your carer is always there to accompany you.

If you want to go on holiday, attend a social group, do physical activities such as hiking or cycling, your companion will accompany you and assist you while you are there.

Your companion will also be a personal assistant. There are there to help you with day-to-day errands such as shopping or picking up your prescription at the pharmacy.

Support to clean and keep the house neat can be provided by our carers. They make sure that your house is homely and you have a friendly face to chat with.

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