Private Live-In Care

A Quality Care Carer will come to live with you in your home, giving you the flexibility of help and support when you need it. Our live-in care allows you to keep the lifestyle you are used to. This includes your pets, neighbours, social circles, and standard of living.  Your Carer will assist you with personal care, taking of medication, meal preparation, and household chores. We offer one-to-one highly personalised care and support that will ensure independence in the comfort of your home.

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Benefits for
Live-in care

  • One-to-one 24/7 care and support. Rest assured knowing that help is close at any time you need it.
  • Our care plans are highly personalised to meet your needs while addressing how you want to live your life.
  • Staying in a familiar environment is important in assisting individuals with special conditions such as dementia.
  • There will be no need for you to move out of your home. Get to keep your treasured memories and belongings.
  • You can keep your beloved pet and your assigned carer can help you to take care of it.
  • Couples can get to stay and receive care and support together.
  • Peace of mind and reassurance for family members as they can visit you at any time you want them to.

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What is included in our Live-in care service?

Our dedicated and compassionate carer will deliver a wide range of live-in care services which include:

Your carer will assist with bathing and getting dressed, having your nails maintained, or hair styled. We will ensure that your outward look is representable promoting your self-esteem.

We ensure that we respect your privacy while we deliver our companionship services to you. You will be matched with a carer with similar interests and values as you to ensure that you create a mutual friendship. Your carer will be there for emotional and psychological support.

All carers are trained to manage and administer medication pro-actively and effectively. They will also collect prescriptions from the pharmacy for you.

Our care team consists of experts that can provide advice as to what equipment can be used to improve your safe movement in your home while minimising your falls.

Our carers are trained to monitor and identify any changes in your health and well-being, how to respond accordingly, and to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

Your carer will help you with planning and cooking meals according to your choice and dietary needs. They will also ensure that you are well hydrated at all times.

Your carer will help you host friends and family when invited over for socialisation and celebrations giving you more time to enjoy yourself.

Your carer will drive you or accompany you on public transport when attending clubs, visiting friends or going shopping.

Carers will assist you with all household chores such as laundry, ironing, cleaning of the house, anything that will ensure that your home is neat.

Carers will support you with looking after your pet. Be it taking it for regular walks, feeding it, bathing it, and taking it to the Vet.

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